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what YOU can do

Find out if the individual has a plan to commit suicide. Determine if the plan can be carried out.  If they have a plan and are capable of carrying out their plan and will not agree to be safe call 9-1-1.

Ask why they do it & how it makes them feel. Try to determine what the need fills. 

See if you can make a safety plan with the individual.

Remove access to sharp or dangerous objects. 

Let them know you are there for them - that your priority is to keep them safe. 

WHO can help

Seek counseling or mental health treatment.

  • Private therapist

  • School counselor

  • Call a local or national hotline 

  • Reach out to a social worker

  • Contact another licensed mental health worker 

Medical or Emergency Care

A clinic or emergency healthcare provider is able to evaluate and determine the appropriate level of care. The patient will go through a medical screening process so medical providers can determine the best treatment based on the patient’s needs. This may include referral to a mental health professional or hospitalization.

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