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what YOU can do

Determine how dangerous the aggression is.

Remove the individual from the danger of others if they are being physically violent while maintaining your own safety.

Stay calm. ​

If the individual is safe, give them space to relax. 

Set clear limits of safety as to how the individual is permitted to behave. 

Let them know you are there for them - that your priority is to keep them safe. 

WHO can help

  • Seek counseling or mental health treatment.

  • Private therapist

  • School counselor

  • Call a local or national hotline 

  • Reach out to a social worker

  • Contact another licensed mental health worker

  • Adult Protective Services if applicable

Medical or Emergency Care

A clinic or emergency healthcare provider is able to evaluate and determine the appropriate level of care. The patient will go through a medical screening process so medical providers can determine the best treatment based on the patient’s needs. This may include referral to a mental health professional or hospitalization.

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